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Lily, 8-month Havanese mix


During Lily's second training session, Lily (on left) is responding to the "leave it" command with a piece of juicy steak in front of her nose!
Charlotte (on right) is simply practicing, as she has mastered this command. 

Lily, 8-month Havenese mix


During her first session, Lily has mastered the "watch" command. This is one of the first commands we introduce, as it conditions your dog to look to you for cues. This command comes in handy when distractions  are keeping your dog from focusing. 

Lily and Charlotte


Lily and Charlotte are both asked to sit and stay. 
Lily is called to "touch" first, then Charlotte is asked to "come." Sometimes, owners choose to use different recall commands for each dog. 

Charlotte, 11-month Shorkie


Charlotte is practicing a fun trick she shows off as a therapy dog at a local children's hospital. Check out her high-five at the end!

Harley, 11-month old Siberian Husky mix


Harley is practicing her controlled greeting at Puppy Group Class. Her handler instructs her to sit so she may politely greet a visitor "on the street" without jumping and becoming overly excited. By giving a command, her handler is telling Harley exactly what is expected of her during an unfamiliar situation, keeping control and making everyone comfortable.

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